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BNRA - The First World War at Sea: Our Coronel Memorial book is ready for orders! Please see the cover flyer below and contact details for information

Cradock of Coronel: With the Going Down of the Sun
BNRA Memorial Book - Cradock of Coronel 1914, his men, ships and technology
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The Cradock of Coronel memorial book: With the Going Down of the Sun... We are very pleased to announce that the book ‘With the Going Down of the Sun’, the story of Cradock of Coronel, his men, ships and technology, is now being sold and we have had many very heartwarming messages of thanks and very positive reviews.  We are very grateful for the support and contributions from co-authors, relatives and friends. We hope this book will provide a lasting memory for all those that gave their lives at sea. The book is 250 pages long with 100 photographs and diagrams, 25 pages in colour, with many original artworks.    See order details below

‘Cradock of Coronel’: Service of Remembrance

A memorial service was held in conjunction with the BNRA

1st November 2014, Catherington Church


On November 1st 1914 a Royal Navy squadron comprising the armoured cruisers Good Hope and Monmouth, the light cruiser Glasgow and armed merchant cruiser Otranto came into action with German Admiral Maximilian von Spee’s crack East Asiatic cruiser squadron off the coast of Coronel, Chile. Von Spee’s squadron included the relatively new armoured cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and light cruisers Leipzig and Dresden. The Royal Navy, since the outbreak  of war had been trying to corner this elusive German  raiding fleet  that was wreaking havoc strangling empire trade lifelines to Britain.

Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock,  a brave and principled officer  had hastily formed his squadron with the available vessels the Admiralty could spare in the South Atlantic. Cradock with his fearless and determined crews sought out and engaged the enemy at dusk, amid rising cold stormy seas. HMS Good Hope and HMS Monmouth fought courageously, despite being outranged an outgunned. Admiral Cradock and both entire crews went  down with their ships that day, in their effort  to prevent the German squadron breaking out into the Atlantic and the Falkland Islands, where in December this defeat would be avenged.

The Britannia Naval Research Association,  Peter Lock and friends would like to commemorate the loss of life to those of both nations 100 years ago by an act of remembrance at the  memorial cross to Admiral Cradock, at Catherington Church, Hampshire at 10:30am on 1st November 2014. All are welcome.

We are also preparing a memorial book ‘Cradock and Coronel’ and we  welcome any contributions, family histories and photographs that could add to memories of the event for posterity.

Please contact  Dr V Michell  or the secretary Secretary  John Wain on 07790928825 for details


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The BNRA have contributed to and supported a successful bid to install a blue plaque for Alan Villiers, subject of the annual Alan Villiers memorial lectures