Although we have a global membership we meet regularly September-May each year at locations in Oxfordshire. Please contact the Secretary for details and see our latest events calendar.
You're more than welcome to drop in for a lively, friendly discussion and presentations from people with a shared passion for naval activities...

Download our BNRA Events Calendar that details our programme of meetings and events here:

BNRA Events 2019-20
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For all BNRA events - please contact the Secretary John Wain on 07790928825

BNRA Meetings

BNRA meetings are held in Oxfordshire as per our BNRA calendar usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 10am -1pm.  The meetings typically include one presentation on a sailing navy subject and one on a steel navy subject.  From time to time we present a 'naval action described' or NAD that includes physical models and maps to illustrate a specific naval battle or action.  We also occasionally hold meetings where members bring items such as paintings, artefacts, models etc to provide a 15 minute background relating to an interesting point about the object to stimulate discussion.  In the December meeting we traditionally hold our 'mince pies and sea poetry' session where members bring and read poetry and prose (third party or even their own) to express their passion for naval and maritime history.  The event includes festive snacks and often the accompanyment of music and naval ballads from our Jews harp expert and BNRA musician.  Please see our calendar of events, but please note ; specific presentations should be checked with the BNRA Secretary before attendance.

Oxford Naval Symposium ONS

The BNRA Oxford Naval Symposium is held in May/June each year at St Anne's College, Oxford University.  It was originally held at Rhodes House.  The symposium focuses on a different naval theme each year and includes up to ten 30 minute presentations from amateur and professional naval historians, serving officers, naval architects, curators and other indivduals with a passion for naval history.  The event is held in the Mary Ogilvie lecture theatre at the college on a Saturday, with options for lunch, refreshments and an evening meal.  Normally the Friday prior to the event includes a visit to a site of naval interest related to the event.  Past themes have included 100 years of naval aviation 'Fly Navy' in conjunction with the Royal Navy, lights, camera, naval action (the navy on visual media), the Fighting Cochranes - a naval dynasty and many others since 2002.  We range from steel navy subjects such as Dreadnoughts through the ages to in 2012, The Naval War of 1812 and Naval Intelligence in September 2013, to Damned Un English Naval Warfare in 2015, The Triumph of the Circumnavigators in 2018 and Shipwreck in 2019. Please contact the BNRA secretary for details on 07790928825.

BNRA ONS19 - Oxford Naval Symposium 2019 Programme
17th Annual Oxford Naval Symposium 2019 [...]
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The Alan Villiers Lecture (now part of ONS)



We have been working with other like-minded institutions to promote naval history and have also jointly set up with the Society for Nautical Research (SNR) and The Naval Review, the Alan Villiers Memorial Lecture at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. The BNRA was instrumental in defining the name of the award and in the design of the AVML logo. This lecture is given annually on a maritime theme by a distinguished naval historian. Previous speakers have included Professor Jeremy Black and Admiral James Goldrick RAN, Professor John Hattendorf and Robin Knox Johnson.In 2017 the secretary of the AVML has suspended the next presentation for 2017 pending discussions of the future of the event. In the intervening period the BNRA  held an AVML lecture as part of the Oxford Naval Symposium, ONS17, to support the family in their award of the Alan Villiers Plaque in May 2017. Now in 2018 we are pleased to announce another Alan Villiers Lecture entittled ‘Circumnavigations in Trade’: The Voyages of the ‘Cape Horners’ at ONS18 at St Anne's College Oxford University on 12th May 2018. Please see ONS18 for details. The Alan Villiers theme presentation now continues as part of the BNRA Oxford Naval Symposium, held in May each year at St Anne's College, Oxford University.


See below for the previous AVML lecture




AVML last EVENT DETAILS (until 2018)
St Edmund Hall Oxford University
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