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With the Going Down of the Sun

Cradock of Coronel, his men, ships and technology

By Vaughan Michell and Friends

(Indomitable Press Ltd)

ISBN 978-1-5272-0449-2

£19.99 (plus £3.99 P&P UK)


Just as South America had provided a focus for one of the first major sea actions of WW2 at the Battle of the River Plate in 1939 so had it also provided one at the outset of WW1 at the Battle of Coronel and its almost immediate successor, the Battle of the Falklands in 1914.Coronel, off the west coast of Chile, was the scene of the first defeat of the Royal Navy since Trafalgar when a motley collection of out-of-date British warships were destroyed by a superior German naval force and this, in turn, was defeated five weeks later by a superior British squadron.

The centennial of WW1 provides an opportunity to re-examine the battle of Coronel and this book ‘With the Going Down of the Sun’ does just this.  Indeed, it is probably the definitive oeuvre of the battle, fully illustrated and with track charts, it contains a wealth of detail well summarised by the sub-title to the book.

Its author Dr Vaughan Michell and some of his colleagues in the Britannia Naval Research Association have devoted much time and effort – indeed given a labour of love - into researching the time and times of the action.  Michell describes in compelling detail the events which led inexorably to the two battles; the initial paucity of support indeed the ambivalence of the Admiralty; the nature, experience and qualities of Cradock’s leadership and the effect this had on his officers and men; the construction and armament of the warships involved; and the personal circumstances, from a wealth of letters and photographs and family memories, of those who fought, some who lived and some who died. He brings the whole grim action to life – and of course to death.

He has invited a co-author from the British Film Institute to provide a compelling and well researched chapter upon the commercial film made in 1926 with Royal Navy co-operation featuring  both Coronel and the Falklands battles. It is interesting that the Battle of Jutland was never treated to such a privilege and perhaps for good reasons.

Finally he brings the reader up-to-date with details of the centennial Remembrance events in 2014 both in Chile at Coronel and in the UK at Catherington, a small village in Hampshire, where Admiral Cradock had close associations and whose churchyard contains a striking Memorial in tribute to him and to the battle in which he dutifully gave his life.

This A4 size hard-backed book is published by the Indomitable Press

Bill Evershed

Jutland Fresh Thoughts, Technology, Artefacts and Resonances

C. F. Walker, V Michell

ISBN: 978-1-9163142-2-1

Indomitable Press Ltd 


‘One Battle, Two Perspectives’

The naval battle of Jutland in the First World War has been the subject of many books. This story is different.  It combines the views of a successful naval officer and naval author who lived through that war with a study of some of the technology, artefacts and resonances over one hundred years later.  This book is intended as a retrospective to those brave men that lost their lives in a duel of the finest naval technologies and indomitable spirit that became legendary. It combines analysis, new images from the conflict with artefacts and their stories.

It gives the perspective of the battle and the loss of Royal Navy Capital Ships through the eyes of Commander C F Walker, penned, but never published. A series of essays and insights by a passionate officer that believed in the Royal Navy and wanted to ensure future battles would not reveal such shortcomings. C F Walker served in World War One and was present at the internment of the German High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow. He also served in the Second World War and beyond.  He was co-author of Ships’ Names 1958 and Young Gentlemen and a prolific author in his own right. Into these thoughts is woven views and analysis of the current facts, with new pictorial records of the damage and artwork to explain the key technologies that underpinned that fateful day and night that attempted to change the history of two maritime nations. A study of a number of artefacts, their meaning, context and use combined with technical drawings and images that resonate with our mutual naval history, by those from the present, passionate about our naval past, for the good of our naval future.


* Two books in one, from the perspectives of naval officer and engineer/historian

* documents and images from the events and the aftermath damage from original naval documents of the time (courtesy Museum of the Royal Navy)

* many original photographs, paintings and drawings

* the design and use of key technologies such as the battleship, the torpedo, fire control computers and gunnery

* details of original surviving artefacts and their meaning and contextual history in the battle

* contributions from other authors and historians

* hardback; 245 pages, 26 colour pages and over 100 figures





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