Join us to explore naval history from Drake to Dreadnought and beyond!


The Britannia Naval Research Association represents highly motivated individuals that collectively and actively aim to preserve, promote and research our global naval heritage.  We focus on armed and organised nautical activity, sea power, technology, events, characters and closely related themes from the Elizabethan period and earlier to the present day.


Twenty Years of the BNRA


The BNRA celebrates twenty years of preservation, promotion and research of naval history and of the BNRA Oxford Naval Symposium, held at Oxford University since 2002.


Please contact our Vice Chairman and Secretary for details of our  meetings, membership, ONS and other events.


Our Mission

To Preserve, Promote, Research:

The BNRA is focused on armed and organised naval history with three aims: to preserve, promote and research from Drake to Dreadnought and beyond.  Although based in England we are a global organisation that has members around the world including USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Australia.  We produce a journal and numerous meetings, presentation and demonstration events covering all aspects of naval history.  We welcome any individual that is passionate about naval history.


We meet from September to May generally on the third Sunday of the month in Oxfordshire (see secretary and events for details) and hold our annual symposium at Oxford University in May.  This was originally held at Rhode's House, but due to increasing numbers is now held at St Anne's College.  We also have numerous events and trips to sites of naval interest including museums, shipyards, collections, graves, vessels and other institutions such as Britannia Royal Naval College.

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